I finally arrived and had my first full day at home today. The MACPRA meeting was productive, took a little longer than normal, but with so much going on in regards to the new regs, I guess it’s a good thing we all took the extra time to cover some important issues. With so much going on, we didn’t even make it through our entire agenda! One of the museums from our the Great Lakes even made it to our meeting. Other museums we have worked with the past have attended our meetings, and it’s always been a good experience. This work is so important, face to face meetings are mandatory, I feel. I have always felt we are dealing with people, just because they are people from the past does not mean they are less human. The people in the present need to work together and come to the proper way of dealing with them in a respectful manner. And face to face meetings are a great step in accomplishing this.

Before I completely burn out and blow gasket, I will take the next few days off. After traveling all week end and traveling upon coming home, I need to rest up. In 6 weeks I was in Oregon, Minnesota, Alaska and s. Michigan. Most of this travel was for the repatriation manual. Ceremonies are in about a week, so I need to prepare for those. Ceremonies are an absolutely vital component for not just my work, but personal life. But work and personal life have blended together completely now.