Got back from Alaska late last night and I must say, the trip was wonderful and productive. More great information to add to our manual, more perspectives I didn’t see and overall, more information to make this project more well rounded. Sure, the tribes do things differently up in Alaska, but they get remains and objects back, and I want to put proven methods in the manual. Again, cooperation with neighboring tribes was a major point, just like here in the Great Lakes, just like in the Cali, you get the picture. Everybody pulling together.

Speaking of everybody pulling together, I got right back on the road today, for our quarterly MACPRA meeting. MACPRA is the Michigan Anishnaabek Cultural Preservation and Repatriation Alliance, made up of the NAGPRA reps from each tribe in Michigan. I would have liked an extra day, or two, or three to rest up at home but work needs to get done, now. We have a large museum meeting with us tomorrow, so this meeting will not be the typical meeting for us. I’ll rest up this winter, no crazy travel, or so I tell myself.