As I am sitting here in Sea-Tac airport, waiting to board my flight to Juneau, Alaska, it seems no matter how far I travel from home, the issue of respecting your ancestors in universal. I will be working with native communities in Juneau for a few days on our repatriation manual. The Indians in Alaska are about as far removed from the Odawa in Michigan as you can get, but one thing we have in common is our efforts to see our ancestors returned. I am very excited to work with the tribes there, I just have deal with the travel to get there. I just got back from Oregon a week ago, working on this manual. I want to have the majority of traveling done for this, so I can compile everything and start finalizing the chapters this winter. I wanted to have this done by December but no way, need a grant extension.

I am hoping the manual’s timing will be a benefit to tribes and museums. With the new CUI regulations being a final rule, I really want to have this chapter correct, with some personal experience to back it up. One thing that happens a lot in the world of NAGPRA is people having lots of theories on thing, but having limited or no experience. I want to have the experience first.