The request under 10.11 that we have in right now is a work in progress. The museum is bringing in all the tribes in Michigan for consultation, which is what they are suppose to do, but it’s very time consuming. I was over optimistic, thinking this would be done in six months. Now way, more like a year or so. Once all the consultation is done, the notice has to be worked on, and that take a few months. So, the game plan is to have the majority of consultation done by this spring, the notice done by early summer and a reburial for summer in 2011. It all takes persistence to make sure this can happen in a timely manner, both by the tribes and museum in this case.

The list of tribes the museum has to consult with is around 40 different nations. I say the majority of them will not respond, since they are out of state and are dealing with their issues regarding repatriation. If a tribe from, for example, Minnesota, asked us for input, we would simply say the tribes in that region are best suited for repatriation, not us. Our tribe may have historically been there for a short period of time, maybe on a warparty, but we didn’t occupy territory there like the Ojibway or Lakota. I believe where tribes are, they will take care of business, but what is a concern are areas like Ohio, Kentucky, etc. Tribes will have to step up and help out in these scenarios.