The weather here is very windy and much cooler. Fall is officially here and I love this time of year. With every Fall we have multiple ceremonies, one of the prominent ones for our community are “Ghost Suppers” or Feast of the Dead. Individual families host a community supper, open to the community. The reason for this is to feed the relations who have passed on, both ones we knew and ones many generations far removed. I love ghost suppers and remember them from a very early age.

Now, I host the suppers at my small house. It’s an honor to do so, but my family does the cooking (mainly my mom and aunts). As repatriation work became more of a factor in my life, it was a natural transition to include these old ones into our feast of the dead. The feast of the dead is ancient, as are the ones we are bringing back home. We may be vastly different than our ancestors, but some things remain the same. It’s always nice to have reburials in the fall, as it coincides with other ceremonies, but when ever remains are returned, we rebury as soon as possible.