On the road again, this time in Oregon, to interview the Umatilla Tribe for our repatriation manual. Travel is getting intense again, I spent all day on the road yesterday, going to meetings and retrieving documents. Now I’m across the country! It’s difficult but I throughly enjoy meeting new tribes and gathering their experiences and advice. With meetings, sometimes you just have to be in the room, to give your tribe’s perspective. This manual is mainly from  different tribes perspectives, but we are incorporating a museum and a historian to add to the overall depth of this project.

The new CUI regulations drastically change the manual. I have to actually go through the new regulations, have remains returned through 10.11 to make the chapter have some real validity. All the dispositions I worked on will have a place also, as some collections of remains will still have to be presented before the Review Committee. But it’s such a great feeling to not have to wait on a museum or agency to volunteer to return remains. So, part of this manual will hopefully guide tribes (and museums) to a easy and streamlined method of getting ancestors back home, because that’s always the big picture. Always keeping the big picture at the forefront.