Every fall seems to get busier and busier. Maybe because all the university staff are getting back on campus, maybe it’s people getting back from summer vacations or the cooler weather makes people more productive, I don’t know but this fall is going to be very active. The NAGPRA Review Committee meeting this year is three days instead of two, and the two days preceding the meeting is the NAGPRA at 20 years event. So I will be in D.C. the entire week for both events. We at LTBB have a dispute with a museum that will be presented at the meeting. I can not make any statements regarding this dispute, since I am on the review committee, but my boss will be there handling the proceeding for our tribe. This is our first dispute before the Review Committee and I am anxious to have this matter resolved.

There are multiple trips for our documentation grant and at least one more repatriation. This repatriation is for human remains and I should be in southern Michigan sometime this fall. If all goes well, before November is done and the weather gets bad. All the NAGPRA reps in Michigan will meet this September and discuss 10.11, and one of the museums we are working with should be present at our meeting. This will be a rather significant meeting. Then there is all the ceremonies and personal events that accompany fall. It’s always important not to get lost in the work world and do ceremonies.