The whole day was spent drafting more requests. After receiving up to date inventories from some larger museums, it was again a bit of surprise, mixed with disappointment, that collections of remains were not part of their original inventory. Some of the remains were collected after NAGPRA was enacted, which makes some museums badly out of compliance, since they never contacted any tribes about these new acquisitions. What do we do? Do we file non compliance? Or just go forward with request under 10.11? I would personally like to see these museums held accountable with a non-compliance complaint, but what is more important is getting the remains back, quickly, so it’s request time.

 Besides requests it’s the normal routine of making calls, sending emails, making sure things are going forward. At times it gets really tedious but that’s part of the job.  When I first started in the world of repatriation, I always thought of the day when no more claims would have to be submitted, no more requests, because all the ancestors from Michigan would be back in the Earth. I can see that day now and it feels good. But what about Ohio, Indiana? Anishnaabek aboriginal territory is the entire Great Lakes, and we will use this.