Sometimes I need a different project, to help keep things fresh. I have a couple such projects, ones that are not directly related to NAGPRA but are a result of my NAGPRA work. One is helping the county here get a museum up and running. We had the great fortune to have a woman whose background is museum studies, stop by Emmet county on her way up north. She gave our proposed museum (an older building) a look over and is going to make recommendations. This is a great start for now.

This comes at a perfect time, because the world of repatriation can sometimes be a frustrating place to be. One museum may be the best in the world to work with, another just the opposite. Sometimes simply getting a damn summary is a chore in its self. Many times museums have told me “we don’t know exactly what we have, let us get back to you in a few month”. These summaries (which are for items not associated with remains) were to have been completed years ago. But I can’t dwell on a single museum not complying with a summary request, when other museums have hundreds of remains still. So, it’s a juggling act at times, to secure what is the priority (remains) but still work to get the items back.