Yesterday was a very busy day. I drove back 4.5 from southern Michigan to complete a repatriation that has been in the works for over 3yrs. I got back in time to complete the reburial before nightfall. Now 59 more individuals are  back resting in peace. As I was loading boxes of ancestors into my car, the curator I have been working with mentioned these boxes haven’t seen the sunlight in about 70 years. That’s a long time to be waiting to go back home. This is the largest repatriation I have been part of and it was, as usual, a mix of sadness and happiness. But with each repatriation, each reburial, we get closer to the ultimate goal of returning all of our ancestors. The number is still huge, over 100,00 Indian ancestors are still waiting to go home, but each reburial encourages positive momentum and encouragement to keep going forward. Even if a repatriation takes years, it still can happen. Patience is a necessity in the line of repatriation. The ancestors myself and other helped waited 70 years.