The majority of today was spent on the phone. I was all over the place, calling National NAGPRA, calling other tribes to consult with them on 10.11, conference calls, a couple of interviews for newspapers and to top it all off, a lawyer from one of the museums we are working with. It was sort of frustrating to not get any writing done, but progress was made in a different way today. Sometimes all the emails will not cut it and you have to get somebody on the phone to discuss what is going on. I find in the world of NAGPRA, with so many sensitive issues, you almost have to talk to people to get a correct feel for some things.

But I did manage to read a recent article about NAGPRA online and it was one of the worst pieces I have ever read. The information was so inaccurate, I couldn’t believe it was published. On top of that, it was full of crazy assumptions. There are others out there who still feel human remains should not be returned to tribes and serve more of a purpose sitting on museum shelves. I won’t mention where this article was published or who wrote it, only that such things are being written.