Today marked the first day that we sent out our first request for CUI under 43 CFR 10.11. I should have had the request out last month but at least it’s on its way now. We have been consulting with this museum for well over a year now, so the consultation aspect of the process is well under way. Other tribes have already been contacted and support letters gathered from those tribes. We have all of this material ready because this request was originally a repatriation claim that got denied. It was very disappointing and frustrating to have this claim denied (if it was honored, we would be looking at a fall reburial) but it’s imperative to keep going forward. And going forward means shifting this claim into a request. Big picture, rebury the remains, either through affiliation claim, disposition agreement or now the 10.11 request.

On the flip side of the above mentioned request, another museum has been out right affiliating remains that were once categorized at CUI. It’s amazing how each museum handles its NAGPRA duties and how it interprets the law. Now that we have our first request out, it is time to keep the momentum going and get more out, soon.