One of the rewarding aspects of my job has been working with some truly wonderful people across the country, from museum to tribe to feds. It’s so refreshing to meet others who have the same passion about the work, strive to make improvements in their respective field and produce results. I have collaborated with other museums and tribes on various side projects, such as writing articles and providing insight for their projects, and vice versa. It’s nice to have this network of people, giving different angles on the same issue, repatriation. Before, I was completely alone in the world of NAGPRA, now, I count myself lucky to know others who are trying to make a difference.

Now, I am going over, once again, the CUI inventories for museums. It’s a never-ending task, double checking inventories. One museum sent us an updated inventory and their new inventory had over a dozen sites that were not listed on their original CUI inventory, which was submitted in the 90s. It always pays to ask for an updated inventory. I am tagging sites that are from within our reservation, those we will make requests under 10.11 first. The others, from territories shared by the tribes in Michigan, will require more consultation amongst ourselves.