Now that the Fort Necessity exhibit is up and running, it’s time to focus more on NAGPRA. Being part of a committee that is helping plan the NAGPRA at 20yrs event, I am tapping into relationships built from previous repatriations with other museums, not only from ones from Michigan, but other museums out of Michigan. Some of these museums we have worked with want to present at NAGPRA at 20, tell their story and how repatriation has effected their museum and themselves in a positive way.

On a different note, one of the museums we collaborated with on a disposition is set to return the remains over to the tribes. Unlike other museums, this one wants to do a story with some various newspapers across the state on how the process of returning remains has been both positive and a learning experience. Sometimes museums do media, but most the time not. We respect each individual museums decision on how they handle their work under NAGPRA, but it’s always nice when positive examples are used to educate the public and other museums.