Yesterday was my first meeting as a commissioner for the War of 1812 bicentennial commission for the state of Michigan. The state of Michigan, along with Ontario, Ohio and Indiana are in the midst of planning for the 200yr anniversary of this historic war, a war that saw many different tribal nations take part of. Tecumseh fought  and died in this war and is probably one of the most famous Indian chiefs in recorded history. Little Traverse Odawa warriors fought alongside Tecumseh and I feel a great sense of pride knowing my ancestors took action to protect their homelands and beliefs.

It would be easy to solely emphasis my tribe’s role in this war, but that would be negligent and disrespectful. I will contact all other tribes who are in Michigan and who have historic ties to the battles in the War of 1812, at least making an effort their side of the story is heard also. It’s amazing how many different tribes fought with the British against the Americans, with many of the battles taking place right here in and around Michigan. I look forward to working with this commission on bringing the Indian story to the table, that were fighting for our independence, sovereignty and right to reside in our homelands.