Today I was a presenter for a webinar hosted by the National NAGPRA Program. The topic was what a tribal repatriation program needs to get up and running. The main thing I wanted to emphasize was the ceremonial/spiritual component, that is so many times over looked, but it so important. Of course I gave lots of examples of what LTBB Odawa do but I was quick to mention other tribes handle their NAGPRA duties differently. Each tribe has its own, unique protocol when it comes to handling remains and items.

Working with the National NAGPRA staff was once again, a wonderful experience. Whether it’s a grant project or a federal register notice, they have always been very helpful. One of the first things I tell someone new to NAGPRA is to check out National NAGPRA’s website, it has lots of useful information, ranging from notice templates to inventories. Plus all the upcoming training session and other relevant NAGPRA happenings. Webinars are a new thing to me and it was a bit weird speaking to multiple people via phone. I hope some of the participants learned something new from my experiences or at least they will know they are other Indian people working to have their ancestors returned.