I am constantly reminded of the priorities regarding my work. Lately I have been writing alot, for different projects and working on our exhibit at Fort Necessity. Both have been pretty time consuming. In the midst of everything, the last couple of days I had to go to ceremonies, some of which directly affect my work in NAGPRA, and/or, my work in NAGPRA required me to attend the ceremonies. There is a whole different side to NAGPRA work that only the tribes see, and that is when remains and objects are returned. The vast majority of attention (rightfully so) is the actual repatriation process. But what about when items finally make their way back home? That is a whole different story, one that varies from tribe to tribe. Even though things have been helter skelter, ceremonies are priority and need to be done at the appropriate time.

I am still working on our draft requests under 10.11. The museums know we are sending them, we have notified them months ago, when 10.11 was first published. Some museums are surprised they haven’t gotten requests for CUI remains from us, but we are making sure the request is a strong one. There are not any templates for these, so it’s at the discretion of the tribe on how they draft them. We are including the site, accession number, number of MNI, any AFOs, the museum and what regulation we are requesting these under. That’s it so far.