Now that the Review Committee meeting is done for the spring, it’s time to focus locally. We have some exciting projects coming up and a couple are repatriations. With so many projects going on, it’s easy to put local tasks,  “on the back burner”, such as cemetery maintenance. I have to unplug from everything and get out in the field, take care of a few old burial grounds that are in remote locations on our reservation. I really enjoy doing this, it not only gets me outside but it reinforces everything I do in the world of NAGPRA. No matter how old the dead are, they need respect.

Focusing locally also means getting our first requests under 10.11 out. I have a bunch drafted, but they will get looked over, edited and approved. The big thing is making sure the accession numbers match, number of individuals also correlate and other tribes are notified. The museum/fed agency is supposed to notify the other tribes, but we notify them as well, to make the process move along that much faster.