This November 15-16 is NAGPRA at 20 yrs. This event will be held the two days prior to the Review Committee meeting. Different panels, speakers and presenters will be sharing on what has happened in the last 20yrs, what needs to be done and to look at what has worked. I am on the planning committee for this event and my goal is to bring in people who have experience in actual NAGPRA work, either from the museums world or Indian country. So far, the museums hae been really excited and are ready to participate. Some of these museums I have worked with and it’s great to be able to have these positive experiences to draw from. Not all is doom and gloom in repatriation, actually lots of positive things occur and I hope some of these positive experiences are showcased at NAGPRA at 20.

This will be a long week in November, with both this and the Review Committee back to back. I am hoping by November rolls around, one of our requests under 10.11 will have been completed. It will be nice to have a completed repatriation under the new regulations to talk about, instead of talking about the theory of what 10.11 is. I am preparing multiple requests this week. They should have been sent out on May 13 but we’re not too far behind.