One of the museums we are currently working with submitted to us its updated inventory, which was done in 2009. This museum said it had submitted the new inventory to National NAGPRA, but I am not so sure. After double checking the old inventory to the new one, the new inventory has 43 sites that were not listed on the original!! I have to get further information to see how many individuals this is, but I am guessing it’s in the hundreds. I don’t see how such an error could have gone undetected for so long and how do you not notice, literally boxes, of human remains about that are not accounted for? One of the sites is right from our tribal land base, so a request for these will be submitted very shortly.

Now, with every museum I must request an up to date inventory. The museum is supposed to submit updated inventories to National NAGPRA as soon as they are completed, but obviously this does not happen. So now we have to let the other tribes know of this “new” inventory and make sure they are aware remains from their area are unaccounted for.