I was supposed to be in Alaska this week working on our documentation grant, but Delta airlines has this dysfunctional process of over-selling every flight based on a small percentage of people who don’t show for the flight. When everybody shows up, people get bumped off the flight and I was un-lucky enough to be one of those. The Alaska trip will have to wait but 10.11 can’t.

The new CUI regulations, 10.11, are finally starting to make more and more sense. What better way to test this than by submitting a request under it! There is more “90 day” stipulations for museums/agencies to follow, but that’s murky just like the other 90 day rule. Museums and federal agencies are SUPPOSE to initiate consultation with tribes but in all practicality, the tribes will be making first contact. But some museums are taking this seriously, one in Michigan is making up for lost time and actually affiliating remains that should have been affiliated years ago. This museum is doing everything by the books and we may well use them as a model for museums who are still dragging their feet. We are starting to hear how certain museums now must “create certain policies” to deal with the new process. Well, requests are not going to wait for a museum to create policy, the policy can be created as requests come in.