Some days I have big ideas to get lots of writing done for various projects, and sometimes these ideas do work out. But sometimes the day takes a different turn and writing gets done, but in a different manner. Today was spent emailing various museums on various repatriation issues. Some museums are affiliating remains to LTBB Odawa after re-examining their inventories and consulting with us (which is supposed to originally be done years ago) but we are happy these museums are finally taking the correct steps. Many times this happens later when there is a change in staff and the new staff takes it’s NAGPRA duties more seriously.

Other museums are now having to handle requests for CUI and we are preparing to submit requests under these new regulations. Part of our process is to notify museums that we will be submitting requests in the very near future. The last few days many emails have been going back and forth between us and museums, letting them know it’s time to move along with this process for CUI. Time to jump into 43 CFR 10.11.