We haven’t put in any requests yet for CUI remains under the new regulations. All the tribes in tribal NAGPRA designees from Michigan are meeting next week and the new regs are the top item on the agenda. I have a feeling tribes will put in request for remains close to their current reservations first, and support from the other tribes will be given to the requesting tribe. Maybe during the course of consultation remains will be deemed affiliated, and the funerary objects will be returned. We have one such claim in now, and our claim went in before the new regulations took effect. The museum asked if we wanted to wait until the regulations kicked in and we said no. The claim was in way before the regulations and we want the grave items returned with the remains. We have yet to get a response from this museum in they are going to honor the claim or not. If not, I think a dispute is in order.

So the majority of today will be spent going over the updated CUI inventory from the National NAGPRA website, seeing which collections of remains LTBB has will request first and what remains will need more of a group effort. Detroit will be an area that all the tribes will need to coordinate on, since we all were there at one time or another.