Last Friday the annual spring Review Committee was held via teleconference. Well, actually half of it, we have another teleconference in a few weeks. I can’t say I enjoy teleconferences, especially for Review Committee meetings. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for tribes and museums to voice their concerns, share their accomplishments and vent if need be. They are also very beneficial for networking with various groups one may not have the opportunity to work with, such as federal agencies representing national parks and tribes from across the country. These cases before the Review Committee have a much deeper story behind them and the people telling them help illustrate this, you can see the importance of having remains and items returned, how important it is for the tribes, and how it’s also a priority for museum and federal agency staff to return remains and staff.

This meeting was productive but it would have been more productive if it was held in person, over the course of two consecutive days. These meetings are difficult to attend at time but very worthwhile once you are there. I always stress both tribes and museum staff to attend, when possible.