The majority of today was spent “reminding” museums that the new regulations for CUI will be taking effect very soon, next week. It’s very frustrating at times, one of the universities will basically shut down for the summer and they won’t be available until September to consult on returning their CUI collection. Another museum is hiring two new staff members to help get their CUI collection in working order. This is even more frustrating, because inventories for all remains should have been completed and in working order years ago. Maybe museums didn’t know what to do in regards to having Indian remains or just maybe, certain museums did not want to return them at all. Either case, museums and federal agencies all over the country will have to work with tribes in a new manner. But the museums and federal agencies who have worked with tribes on dispositions in the past will not have to worry, because these institutions have already returned CUI.

It’s exciting this new rule is passed but it was expected to experience some frustration. Many archeologists are not happy with the new rule and there has been talk of law suits being filed by the archeologists against CUI being returned. I personally don’t think such allegations have any merit and find it absurd that people would want to go to such lengths to keep the dead from being laid back to rest.