Spring and fall are just so busy. The Review Committee meetings are spring and fall, as well as ceremonies. Our field work starts now and I can’t forget to get out and take care of the cemeteries. The new CUI rule is making this spring extra busy, as the new rule takes effect May 15. I don’t know if any museums are truly ready for this, but then again, I don’t know if any tribes will be submitting requests right on May 15. Maybe, but we are not. We have to meet with the other tribes in Michigan first, than go forward as a group to each museum. This will take long but it’s the best procedure, all-inclusive for the same desired outcome.

In the middle of all this is the repatriation manual we are still working on. No trips lately, just compiling all the information from past trips. 6 chapters are drafted, with 4 more to go. As I interview tribes, I add their additions to the appropriate chapter. It’s tedious work transcribing interviews, but it needs to be done. The last chapter to be written will be the CUI chapter, since this new rule has changed everything. Spring is always said to be a time of new life. I liken this analogy to all th remains who will be given a chance to be laid to rest, not exactly new life but a oppurtunity for something better than the current situation of being stored in boxes.