I haven’t posted anything in a week or so because I was at ceremonies. I literally had to unplug from everything and focus on what to me is a major priority in my life, ceremonial obligations. I firmly believe everything I do in the realm of repatriation is related to what I do in my cultural practices. Before I even started my job, I met with elders to make sure I could even handle remains. Once I got the green light from them, I took off head first into NAGPRA and now I am in a position I never thought I would have been, writing all kinds of claims, dispositions and sitting on different commissions. I am grateful for all my work but I make sure priorities are taken care of to ensure things keep future progress.

In addition, it’s so inspiring and helpful to see items being used, to see the people connected with them and working with them in a good way. When I meet with museums and view collections, I have first hand knowledge about certain items and that is something I take seriously. It’s one thing to read about how an item is sacred but it’s a completely different matter to feel that an item is sacred and use it. It reinforces my drive in my daily work.