My one day consultation with UCLA has come to an end and it was very productive, even if nothing came up Odawa in their collection. But it gives them some direction on what tribes to contact on certain objects. Sometimes it’s a process of elimination when it comes to finding out what items are affiliated to what tribes. Some items are obvious, like Alaskan items, but some items don’t have the luxury of being so identifiable. When a museum doesn’t know where the items are from, the museum has to bring in some tribes to help clear matters up.

So even if nothing is affiliated to LTBB Odawa, that’s okay, because some of these items are closer to getting home. Other tribes will be brought in and more details will be obtained. It’s mind boggling to know just how many items are floating around in museums not just in the U.S. but around the world. Drawers upon drawers full of items, all this stuff waiting.