Our visitor from Austria left today. He was very thankful for having the opportunity to have “tour guides” of the area he has read about for many years. We ended his visit last night with a home cooked meal of wild rice, white fish and squash. We found it fitting to have him eat at least one home cooked Odawa meal while here. I think we left a good impression and who knows, maybe I will be in Vienna one day picking something up.

The same day our visitor left, I jumped on a plane and left also, heading out to UCLA to work with them on a consultation regarding some items. I squeezed this trip in amongst a very hectic spring schedule, but I felt it necessary to do so because, just maybe, some of the items in the collection I will be looking at are from our home. It’s not likely, but warrants attention. So I will be here a few days and heading back home Friday. I look forward to working with the university and seeing what items they exactly have and as always, if I recognize items from another tribe, I will let the tribe and university know what is going on. But first thing first, I am meeting an Odawa from Little Traverse who lives in LA and we are grabbing some El Salvadorian food.