Repatriations can always take weird turns and one of ours did in the last week. The museum where we submitted our claim recently had a change in NAGPRA staff, right in the middle of negotiations. We now have to check if the new NAGPRA rep has the claim and all the pertinent information. We are still counting the 90 days from the time we submitted the claim originally, which was in late February. Because it’s an repatriation claim, we are including all the associated funerary objects. Many times the funerary objects fall through the cracks and we try not to let this happen.

Will the new NAGPRA staff at the museum be easy to work with? Only time will tell, but it’s important to go in this new relationship with a positive attitude. If they need information, we will provide what we can. If they need a face to face meeting, we will go there if need be. We could wait for the new regs to kick in to handle this, but why wait? If all goes well, we could be reburying this summer, plus in a claim objects are covered.