This is the last night of my road trip in southern Michigan. Today I picked up some remains from a repatriation claim, which will be buried as soon as I get back home. While I was at the university picking up the remains, the NAGPRA designee for the university asked if I could come and speak to her archeology class. Our repatriation was very beneficial on many levels, one of them being an oppurtunity to educate people on why NAGPRA is important to Indians and it’s really nice when the people are the future archeologist of the world. The class was very open and interested in what I had to say, which was encouraging. Without this repatriation, this teaching opportunity for learning may have never occurred.

So it’s back home tomorrow, back to the office on Monday. These repatriation trips may be long hours on the road, but they really put things in perspective. It’s closure to a situation that has gone on for decades, sometimes over a century! To think some of these remains have been waiting this long is mind boggling. But they are coming home, one road trip at a time.