All this week I have been consulting with the Tachi Yokut tribe in central California. They have agreed to work with us on our repatriation manual, offering their advice and guidance. It is so refreshing to see other tribes doing repatriation, over coming the same obstacles and working to get their ancestors back. Even though our tribes are over 2 thousand mile apart, we share the same   and are working together to try and over come our common problem, which is getting our ancestors back.

The repatriation manual is finally taking shape, the chapters are coming to life with each story from each tribe. We hope museums will be able to learn from the tribes stories as well. The Yokut tribe has been very friendly, as have all the tribes I have visited thus far.  But I look forward to getting back home and working from my office, processing all this information! Plus spring in Michigan is a very nice time of year and spring in general is a very special time for the Anishnaabek.