While writing about CUI and how the new rule is going to change NAGPRA drastically, it just dawned on me the huge number of remains in states next to my home state of Michigan. Indiana and Ohio have huge numbers of CUI being housed at museums there. No federally recognized tribes reside there now, so who will take care of these people? The Odawa were present in Ohio and the Potawatomi had a lands in Indiana, it’s a whole different realm of repatriation. Before, while reviewing inventories, I would research Ohio, but knowing the possibility of a claim being successful for remains there was slim to done, I did not pursue it. Now, the museums will be looking for tribes to consult with, I would like to think we could offer some assistance to them.

The east coast is going to be very interesting to watch with the new CUI rule. The majority of tribes were relocated or were “rubbed out”. It states in the new regulations that a museum may have to rebury within it’s state, if no there are no available tribes to work with. I was mildly shocked when the regulations were published, as I am sure many tribes and museums were. It is easy to sit and think “what now”. I am sure glad we have been doing dispositions the last 3yrs, we are right in the swing of working together as a tribes and every museum with CUI in Michigan has been contacted.