I thought I was pretty close to finished with our current claim but all day was spent correcting errors I found. Most of the errors were in citing sources, not having the correct pages listed or not having all the sources listed. Then copying the sources to include in the claim. I am glad to catch these, it would be embarrassing to submit something that had a lot of technical errors, when the content is pretty good. The museum wanted us to wait to submit the claim but we are sending it asap. Waited long enough, years, decades, time to get moving on this.

Now the weather is getting nicer, I am anxious to get out in the field and take care of the graves here. I had my teen age cousin working with me a few years ago and it was nice to be able to show the younger generation where the cemeteries are and have they take an active role in maintaining them. Everybody from our tribe has one family member in at least one of the cemeteries, so it’s an issue everybody cares about. I feel really good being out there working on a hot, muggy summer day and I run into one of our tribal elders, out paying their respects to a loved one who has passed.