I was worried about if the ground will be still frozen when I retrieve some remains next month, but the weather has been unseasonably warm, so I think we will be good to go with a reburial in early April. We had a notice published this week for a sacred object we put in a claim for this winter. It’s nice to see our work we did this winter move along into the next phase during the spring. My collection of notices continues to grow and I that makes me very happy. We are up to 24 since 2007, as of right now. As of right now, a few more notices are in the works. It would be awesome to hit 30 by the end of this year, I think that can be accomplished, just need a few more claims written, no problem.

These 24 notices account for 47 individuals and over a dozen sacred objects. The notices that will be published in the next few months total 255 people. This is alot of remains going back. But this is going on all over the country, tribes getting their ancestors back. Michigan is just a part of the big picture. I read notices from other tribes and museums and see large numbers of individuals being returned and it makes me feel proud to be part of something our ancestors would approve of.