For a Monday, today was unusually productive. Tied up lots of odds and ends on multiple projects. The big thing was arranging to meet with a university next month to pick up remains from a repatriation claim we submitted this winter. The NAGPRA rep for the university also teaches there and asked if I could come in the morning to speak with her class about NAGPRA and the process we just went through and why it’s important to the tribes that certain items are returned. I said but of course, working on repatriation is an excellent stepping stone to educating others, not just about NAGPRA, but Indians in general.

It’s about a 5hr drive one way to this university but road trips are becoming second nature. I’m happy I have to make this trip! after driving to Nebraska to get remains, anywhere in Michigan is a piece of cake. Travel is going to be really crazy this year, with our documentation grant kicking in more and other engagements that are non-NAGPRA related. When I think back to when I first started my job here in 2006, my first task was to clean out my current office, which was being used as a storage area. I literally had to go through thousands of documents, take tools out, organize all kinds of stuff just in order to clear a place for my desk. Once I had a work area, I sat down and said to myself “now I have to play catch up on all this NAGPRA stuff”.