Made good progress on the unassociated funerary object claim. Should be out in the mail next week, but as always, I send the museum receiving a claim heads up that a claim is coming their way and if they have any questions, please call me. All the museums I have worked with appreciate this and consultation usually picks up rather quickly. One part of claims that I don’t particularly enjoy but have to do is to copy all the sources I cited in the claim. But, if something is not broke then don’t fix it. I need to get a few more claims out this spring, I have a goal of at least half a dozen notices being published this year. 10 would be awesome and I might be able to get that some year, if the one and only thing I did was write claims and work on dispositions, but that’s not the case now.

We did have two notices published last month and a third is in the works. I am very anxious to go through inventories again, but I first have to write claims for all the stuff I originally tagged, some of it 2 years ago. The priority is remains and those get the claims first. Someday, hopefully soon, I won’t have to write claims for remains, hopefully the CUI regs will pass and we all will be working on a new process.