It’s been talked about how working relationships can develop once a museum works with a tribe on repatriation. This is something we have experienced with a few of the museums we have worked with in the last couple of years. Recently, one of the museums whom went through with a disposition with the Michigan tribes in 2008, agreed to loan some of it’s collections to a National Park in southern Pennsylvania, Fort Necessity. Fort Necessity is going to have a one year exhibit about the Odawa, in particular Odawa warriors, since we were at the battle at Fort Necessity in 1755. The museum has actual artifacts of French era (1712-1760) trade items, such as: gun parts, knives, kettle parts, etc. from within Fort Michilamackinac. It’s very cool to have items from the same time period, from our area, going on display in Penn. These items may have actually been used in the actual battle and returned back home to northern Michigan. None of the items are grave items or such, just daily items discarded. It has been great being a middle man between the museum and fort. Our working relationship with the museum, from our previous dispositions, made it very easy for me to contact them and ask to loan the items to the park in Penn. Now with the museum’s help, we can help actually give information about our tribe to a different part of the country.