It’s amazing where a day could lead to. This morning, I had every intention of starting the work on the UFO claim, but a few phone calls totally changed my day. Two of our dispositions from last year’s review committee meetings are finally starting to come to a close. The arrangements for these retrievals are being made, as well as the reburial. Minor details are being worked out, but the minor details sometimes take more time than anticipated. One of the museums is requesting written authorization from each tribe party to the disposition to authorize the individual picking up the remains. This isn’t a typical request from a museum but we have had this happen before. Also, one of our repatriation claims for remains needed some extra consulting, but it was more inter tribal then our tribe and the museum. We try to work closely with any and all tribes from a particular area on repatriation.

This past year has been extremely busy for me, with the review committee, dispositions, grant projects, repatriation and other non-NAGPRA related work in our office (it’s almost weird to work on things not related to repatriation). I love being busy, but at the same time I recognize the need for a break, so I am getting out of dodge for a few days to go somewhere sunny, recharge my batteries and get ready for a new season of work.