The whole morning was dedicated to writing more for our repatriation manual. I needed to shift gears, from writing to researching the next claim. This claim will be for UFOs (not aliens) but unassociated funerary objects. The objects are multiple silver items, ranging from crosses to arm bands to ear rings. All of this silver has been designated as Indian. The place is precise, an area very near to our tribe. When any type of silver products, jewelry or other metal items are labled Indian and are not associated with anything else, it tells me the items are probably from an Indian grave. We have repatriated several UFOs from various museums in the last 3 years. The museums we repatriated from had records clearly showing the items we requested are from Odawa graves. From my experiences, the only time Indian jewelry gets special attention is when it’s a UFO. So a claim is in the works for these items.

While going through this museums inventory again (I don’t think revisiting inventories really ever stops) a couple items really caught my eye. These are wampum belts associated with my tribe. For my tribe to have surviving wampum belts is extremely rare. Too bad these belts are in Austria and Germany. European museums house a huge number of tribal items. NAGPRA doesn’t apply internationally, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask for the belts back.