One of our claims for human remains is going to the next level. It looks like the museum will indeed honor our claim and we can start notifying other tribes. Once that is done, the federal register notice is next. Hopefully I will be out to visit this museum sometime this spring, maybe May.  Many emails and phone calls have paid off. Consultation is so vital, I can’t imagine sending in a claim and not discussing the claim with the museum after they have received and reviewed it.

A good part of the day was spent drafting more chapters for our repatriation manual. The chapter I worked on today was repatriation of human remains. This is such an emotionally charged subject, both to tribes and museums. When we at LTBB write a claim, the human remains are always treated differently, with a sense of urgency. Some of these remains have sat on museums shelves for over 100yrs, some close to 150yrs at the older museums. Time for these ancestors to go back, regardless of their tribe or origin. I am crossing my fingers the new regulations for CUI will be published this year. Until then, it’s business as usual, reviewing inventories, writing claims and working on dispositions.