There are so many claims I want to write, I don’t know where to start. It’s time to write a claim for items, but it’s hard deciding which one first. A book I have waited for just arrived and it tells of a specific area that is a burial ground for our tribe. This is one of the only sources I know of that mentions this area in such a way. A certain museum has, what I believe, grave items from this place. Having some documentation saying this area was in fact Indian burial grounds makes the claim much more solid, since the items were not found with any remains. A UFO claim. Unassociated Funerary Objects.

The other claim is for sacred objects. I have a list of all the museums and what they have. I list which museums have the highest chance of immediate success and then which museums need more information for their claims. The UFO was such a museum, then my book arrived, making it possible to write a stronger claim. All claims are cross referenced with other claims, so many items are similar and from the same area. We have had prior UFO claims go through successfully, as well as sacred object claims. The only claim we have yet to write is a lineal descendant claim. Maybe this year.