Today we had two federal register notices published. One was for a repatriation to our tribe and the other for a disposition of all the tribes in Michigan. Having notices published is one of the most gratifying aspects of my job, it’s one of the final steps in the repatriation process and we can officially start counting down the days until we can pick up these remains. One of the museums is out in Nebraska, a possible grant may be utilized to make that trip. I drove out there last year to pick up remains and it’s a haul. It’s weird, Anishnaabe remains ending up in Nebraska of all places. It goes to show, you never know where remains/items will end up, you have to read inventories very closely.

Both of these museums were wonderful to work with. The staff at these museums were with us every step of the way, making sure this got done in a timely manner and in a respectful way. In actuality, the majority of museums I have worked with have been positive experiences. It’s when you get a hard line museum denying your claim, the negativity tends to overshadow the positive. This will make the 12th successful repatriation claim in 3ys, along with 11 dispositions in that time. That’s a lot of museums working with not only LTBB Odawa, but all the tribes in Michigan as well. I am very lucky to be here, now, working with so many people who want to make repatriation happen. It makes my job easier.