Back in the office after a few days on the road. After driving 700 miles in the last three days, I am happy to be back in my office. Part of the work is physically being present at certain meetings, teleconferences don’t cut it sometimes. I went from meeting with university staff one day, then all the tribal NAGPRA reps from Michigan the next. The university meeting was pretty basic. I presented the process for a disposition, that such a process has taken place for years and many museums and agencies across the country have been party to this process. Now the university knows this, all we can do is wait to see where they go with their CUI collection.

Today was another phone day, keeping the repatriations we have out on track, as well as the one disposition for this spring review committee meeting. One museum I have worked with in Michigan has really been immersed in NAGPRA the last few months. The new director of the anthropology department at this museum, since September, has worked with a repatriation claim for our tribe, affiliated remains to a different tribe in Michigan and has begun the preliminary work for a disposition of their CUI. By this time next year, all of their remains will be properly taken care of. It makes such a huge difference when working with motivated individuals. Many times it’s only one or two people in a department (same as tribes) but when attitude is right and the energy high, so much can happen.