Finally got all the edits done for our latest repatriation claim. I am glad by boss enjoys looking over my writing, it’s amazing how much a fresh pair of eyes can find. Now we can send this claim in the mail first thing Monday morning. I am meeting with this museum later this month on different NAGPRA issues, I will certainly bring to their attention the importance of this claim and utilize the chance for face to face consultation.

I received a book as a gift from my talk in Mackinac City earlier this week. The book is about Indian art  and was published in 1972, but it had items I had never seen and actually had items from Michigan. The good thing is that the book states what museum currently has the item. I promptly called one of these museums (we also have a claim in with them at this time being reviewed by their staff) and inquired about the item. Now I will be receiving not just information on the one item, but an inventory of all their Great Lakes items. I have slacked in requesting inventories from museums in the last few months but all the inventories I currently have are so full of items! I am cranking out claims as fast as I can. Writing claims for different kinds of items helps, as we already have the research done. The one category we have yet to repatriate under is lineal descendant. These are the hardest to prove but they trump all other claims.