The whole day was spent writing. The morning project was for an article and the afternoon a disposition report for the spring review committee meeting. We always include some type of historical report for each disposition, to give the review committee members an idea of who were the most prominent tribes  in an area where  remains were discovered. All of our historical reports start with our belief as Anishnaabe being in Michigan before Europeans. No specific stories are re-told, nothing inappropriate, only that the Anishnaabe believe we were here first, then the transition into the historic period. It’s been effective, so I keep writing them for each new disposition.

Another part of my afternoon was spent correcting a repatriation claim for remains. Once I finish a report or claim, I immediately give it to my boss to edit. Once she edits, it’s in the mail. Many times we have to go over a claim multiple times, for grammar, make sure our sources are correct, re-wording, etc. We don’t want anything sloppy going out, anything that would hold up a repatriation. I think I will be writing for the next 3 weeks solid, with claims, articles, reports, our repatriation manual. When I get to the office in the morning, coffee in hand, there is no concerns if I will be busy, the only question is what project has the shortest deadline.