Today was just the opposite of yesterday, as I was on the phone for the majority of the day. One of the museums we have a claim out with now is really good about asking questions about the claim and seeking additional information. The museum is almost at a point to make a decision on whether they will honor the claim or deny it.  I am optimistic they will honor it, the constant conversations back and forth is a really good sign. Of the claims we have had denied, there was minimal to zero communication. We always try to “check in” with the museums when they receive a claim from us, but sometimes, I think the museum had its mind already made up before they even received the claim.

Once phone calls were done, it was onto putting the finishing touches on our latest claim, copying sources, which is the last step. When a museum receives a repatriation claim, it looks really big but the majority is works cited. It was great to hear from a museum lately that they appreciated that we includes all our sources. It made my time in front of the copying machine not so mundane today. With this claim out, I am looking at the next potential claims, what museums have the remains, what tribes we would need to collaborate and which remains would have the greatest chance of success for repatriation. Always planning ahead, with the hope that some day there will be no remains and objects left to claim.