Today was spent writing. I am contributing my experiences to a couple different written projects this year, one of which has a deadline by the end of the month, so I have to put in some serious typing time. When I started doing repatriation, I would have never thought I would be writing about it, but I am happy I have had the experiences to write and hopefully these will help people understand what goes on in the world of NAGPRA and how it affects tribes. So I have a few articles lined up this year, along with the normal repatriation claims and writing text for some displays at a national park. Living in a small town my whole life, it’s inevitable I run into people I know, in particular old teachers. I saw my 7th grade english teacher recently and I was happy to tell her I make a living by reading and writing about Indians. She was delighted (I wasn’t always the best student) and now she knows about NAGPRA.

With writing alot, sometimes I have to take work home, but repatriation work is not always 9-5, Mon-Fri. Repatriation trips, consulting, meetings, all put me on the road a lot. But as soon as I started this work, I knew it was not an ordinary job, something to punch in and out, pay the bills. It’s a feeling of obligation to do as much as I can while I am in this position, to be productive for my tribe. Dealing with the dead, sacred items, special areas, this all gives the work a whole different feel and direction. I take great pride in being Anishnaabe, Odawa. This pride provides much motivation for work.