The deadline to have a request for a disposition of Culturally Unidentifiable Individuals into National NAGPRA for the next review committee meeting is February 4, 10. I spent a good part of the day on the phone and writing emails reminding the museums whom we have been working with that this date is fast approaching. I was shooting for 4-5 dispositions at the next meeting but we will be lucky to get 2. Some of the situations are so complicated at some museums, I am hoping things will be worked out in time to make the fall meeting in November 2010. It’s great the disposition process is there to utilize, but it takes a lot of patience, waiting for answers. As things stand, a museum does not have to do anything with it’s CUI collection, so when we get a museum interested in engaging in a disposition with the tribes, we have to encourage any and all forward momentum, no matter how slow it may be at times.

Sec. 106 were also taken care of today, along with checking in with some museums on their status in the federal register notice process. One museum had a staff change right after they presented before the review committee for a disposition last year. We are lucky the director of the museum who left is still working with the new director to make sure the project is completed. The majority of museum staff I have worked with on repatriations (especially human remains) are committed right to the end, assisting and doing what they can to make the work as easy as possible. And with all the museum staff I have worked with, I feel there is this camaraderie of doing something very special, not just in our careers but in our personal lives as well.