I finished up our most receent repatriation claim today, now the waiting starts. Once we send out the claim next week, there is nothing much we can do. I will periodically check in with the museum to see if they need more information. The museum has 90 days, at the least, to give us an answer. My interpretation of the 90 day rule is the museum has to give us and answer, and if that answer is yes, go through the federal register notice process in those 90 days. But many museums don’t see the 90 day rule in the same light. I hope in the near future the regulations pertaining to the 90 day rule will be revamped to be more structured and less ambiguous.

While I wait for the answer on this claim, I start the work on other claims. Next will be a claim for some sacred objects and unassociated funerary objects. There is actually two claims for UFOs, one is very straight forward, with information claiming the objects to be from Indian graves, the other not so much. I will begin the research tying these items to Indian burials. The new year will start with us having 3 claims out for human remains, all of which I am confident we will get back.  If any are denied we will dispute the museum’s decision and bring it before the Review Committee. Even with multiple claims going out over the last 3 years, there are many remains and items to be retrieved. Our homeland has a rich history, unfortunately unethical and immoral individuals took advantage of this and looting graves was common place, either by solo pot hunters looking to turn a quick dollar or teams of university archeologists. Many times we can’t re-bury where the remains are originally from. Roads, houses, parking lots, etc. make this impossible, but getting them back in the ground is the next best thing.